The plot of this film takes place in South Africa of these days. Tsotsi is black and poor young man. He lives in Soweto, which is a place in Johannesburg, where poor people live. There are only black people in Soweto, because of apartheid, which was here in the past. He didn’t have happy childhood. His mother died of illness and his father was very cruel so Tsotsi ran away from home and lived in big pipe with other children without home.
In these days he lives in a small “room” made from junk. He is a gang leader. They steal to survive. They aren’t afraid to kill somebody. Once Tsotsi wounds a woman and steals her car. Suddenly he discovers a baby in the back seat, but  it was too late to return. He left the car, took the baby into big paper bag and went home.
He wanted to take care of the baby, however he didn’t know how. He found some young woman in his neighbourhood. She also has a baby, but her husband is dead. Tsotsi with “his” baby in the bag follows her in secrecy to her house. He threatens her with gun, so she full of fear fed the baby. He repeated this several times. Although the woman knew from news, who Tsotsi was, she didn’t call police. Tsotsi decided to return the baby back, maybe due to the woman, who had asked him for that. He gives the baby to its real parents and gives up to police, which surrounded him. And this is the end of the story. 
 I like this film, but it’s sad, because it could be real and that’s horrible.

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