My town and its surrounding

1) Introduction
•    it is lied in Moravian gate, in region Nový Jičín
•    there live 23 000 inhabitants
•    our town is famous because of car company Tatra, a.s.
•    mark: it is divided into 2 parts one is red and the second is white, it is because Kopřivnice is lied between White mountain and mountain Red stone, in the middle is gold carriage and in white half is leaf of nettle (= kopřiva)

2) History
•    first we know about life here is in older stone age because of archaeological discoveries around today Kopřivnice
•    very important was discovery of jaw-bone of Neanderthal’s child in 1880 by profesor Maška in cave Šipka, Neanderthal’s child lived in 40 000 years before Christ
•    Kopřivnice lies in Moravian gate, it was centre between Baltic and Střední sea because of business
•    in 13th century people started settle this land and our town started grow
-    when feudalists built castle Šostýn, Kopřivnice became settlement (=osada)
•    Kopřinice’s settlement was in Middle age under control of the other towns
•    the first turning point (= přelom) was in 1812 – the factory for stoneware (= kamenina) was established
-    founder was Ignác Raška
-    production was reduced through world wars
-    in 1962 factory was abandoned
•    the second turning point (= přelom) was in 1850, when Ignác Schustala established first manufactory
-    he built carriages
-    in 1897 the first car President was built in Kopřivnice, it was the first car in Middle Europe 
-    car’s exams (if everything is OK) were in High Tatra and people who are living here say: “Look, Tatra!” and factory like it
•    in 1910 Kopřivnice promoted (= povýšena) to village
•    in 1935 Kopřivnice was occupied and it was changed the name to Nesselsdorf
•    in 1945 Tatra factory was nationalized by Soviet army
•    in 1948 Kopřivnice promoted (= povýšena) to town
-    in this year there were 6 000 inhabitants and after 50 years there were 21 500 inhabitants
-    there was more schools, shops, health services, culture and so one

3) Interests
•    there is church of Saint Bartoloměj – wonderful and modern, it was rebuilt recently, at Christmas we are going here midnight celebration
 •    there is very small square – it is square of T.G. Masaryk, in the middle of square is statue of him made by brass
 •    really wonderful is building of basic school Náměstí, it is white and in Baroque style
 •    very old building is Marionette theatre (= Loutkové divadlo) it is in Renaissance style and a roof is decorated by wood
 •    there is park of Edvard Beneš, there are carrousels, swings for children and building in Baroque style where you can buy ice cream and cold beer in summer, you can sit there and relaxed

•    in centre of town
-    fountain, you can sit around and relaxed
-    House of culture – there is culture actions, balls, concerts, on 2nd floor, there is library, cinema
-    there are shops like chemist, stationer's shop, florist, silver and gold and sweetshop (I love it, they have 15 kinds of ice cream, desserts, great coffee and it is one place in region Nový Jičín, where they have Bananas or Strawberry milk shake)
-    there is Hotel, it name is Tatra, on 1st floor is restaurant (very elegant for celebration) and on 2nd floor is solarium, manicure and cosmetic salon
-    and last is Tatra
        in 1897 the first car President was built in Kopřivnice, it was the first car in Middle Europe, year later was built the first truck here and in 1934 there was established air department,
        Tatra have produced only trucks since 1998
        it is very successful because of army orders (= armádní objedávky)

•    there are museums
 -    Technical museum – it was built in 1997, it is very modern, it shows all history of Tatra, the car President, trucks, planes, projects of cars, prize in competition,
-    part of Technical museum is exhibition Emil and Dana Zátopkovi, there are their autobiographies, prizes, medals, there is documentary film too, it is long 14 minutes and 6 seconds, because it was his record for 5km
-    Fojtství museum – the oldest building in Kopřivnice, it was rebuilt in 1985 by Tatra, Ignác Schustala established first manufactory in this house in 1850

•    sports and activities
 -    swimming pool – there are 2 basins and one small for children, meadow for sunbathing or play football, there is beach volleyball (we played it all summer with friend), switchback (= tobogan) and refreshment of course
-    covered swimming pool too, with sauna, solarium, massages
-    minigolf (I don’t like it)
-    summer stadium – there are football and athletic trainings, motocross races, in this day there is U-ramp for skateboarders
-    ice stadium – there are ice skating and ice-hockey trainings
-    Bubla city ranch – it is very modern and young, there are horses and celebrations
-    squash, bowling, fitness, cycling, tennis court, handball gym and stadium
(I was athlete and I have trainings on our summer stadium and in winter we were in gym, my brother is handball player, he is 13-year-old, Kopřivnice is known like handball town too)

•    town and villages around us
 -    Štramberk it is 4 km away, there live my grandparent, my grandfather was born here and he say: “It is town of wood and hills”, its nick is Moravian Bethlehem, there is Trúba and cave Šipka, my grandmother prepare the best Štramberks ears
-    Ženklava it is 6 km away, there live my second grandparent, I like it very much, our house here and our garden
-    Lubina – it is a part of Kopřivnice, there is industrial park – there are a lot of factories (my mother works here and I have brigade-work here)
•    native of Kopřivnice
Emil Zátopek
-    was born on 19th September 1922 in Kopřivnice
-    he is Czech athlete, 4 times Olympic winner, 8 times world record holder, the best athlete of 20th century
-    he works in Baťa factory and he let him to run on one race – he was the 2nd
-    he started with athletic but he didn’t win, he prepared own training plane (I try to used it to, when I was athlete, it was horrible)
-    he married with Dana Ingrová (she was born in the same date and year like him), she was throwing the javelin (= hod oštěpěm)
-    on one Olympic Games he won 3 gold medals – it was first time in sport’s history
-    he dead on 21st November 2000 in Prague
-    my basic school name after him and I shook hand with him
Zdeněk Burian
-    was born on 11th February 1905 in Kopřivnice
-    he was 14-year-old and they got him to Academy of Graphic Art to 2nd class
-    in 16 he became illustrator
-    he created 10 000 pictures – for books, calendars, magazines, he illustrated book wrapper of Jules Verne, Karel Maye, Jack London, Jaroslav Foglar and so on
-    with Josef Augusta he started to draw extinct animals and plant
-    in this day, he is the most important illustrator of primeval ages on the world
-    he dead on 1st July 1981 in Prague

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