Course of Life, Autobiography, Friends

•    I was born in Nový Jičín on 23rd April 1989 (the same date when was born Shakespeare and the same date when England celebrate St. George’s Day)
•    I have 2 halfbrothers and 2 stepbrothers but in reality I am only child
•    my parents were together 5 years before me but they were 20 and 22-year-old when I was born, they were so young
•    they divorced when I was 5
•    I live with my mother, stepfather and halfbrother in Kopřivnice

1) The person who really influenced my life
•    is my mum
•    she is the best person who I know, when I was child she loved me, when I am older she is my best friend (I can talk with her about everything: about my boyfriend, about my dad, about school, about my problems)
•    my mum wanted to be seller and now she is worker in factory, but she is so clever
•    judge said I would live with my mother and I would be with father once a 2 weeks
•    my father had the other family and though I was small I knew I was surplus – I stopped to go there
•    I started to be with my mum and stepfather and my small halfbrother was born
•    there are days when we quarrel and sometime I say myself: “Mum, you are horrible I don’t want to be like you.”
•    I am on this world 19 years and one person who was with me all the time is my mum

2) Family
•    ideal family:
-    when children are small parents love them and nurture them
-    when children are older parents help them in school and praise them for marks
-    when children aren’t children, but “almost” adult parents must be your friends
-    one a week you are with your grandparents
-    now and again you must quarrel because it’s important say what is bad
•    to be a child
-    see only advantages: you go to kindergarten, you haven’t duties (in grammar school you haven’t so much duties too), you can bother but mummy said: “It’s OK, she is small.”
-    you can eat a lot of sweets and if you didn’t eat a lunch, mummy said: “It’s OK, she is small.”
-    your grandparents cocker up you very much
-    some disadvantages: you can’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, go to club but when your are child you don’t need it
•    ideal size for family
-    ideal size for family is 4 people, parents and 2 children, because cars are for 4 people, holiday is for 4 people (they write: room for 3 people and 1 additional bed
-    we are 4 people at home, me, my mum, halfbrother and my stepfather
-    me and my halfbrother, his mane is Joseph, we have the same mum, but we have different fathers
-    my father live in Bartošovice with his wife, she has 2 children from the first marriage, they are twins and 20-year-old, and my father and his wife (I say her: aunt) they have children, he is my halfbrother too and his name is David
-    want to have 3 children, I want to have twins and after 5 years have the last children
•    full-time jobs
-    in this days is typical women have jobs like men, when children are small, she must be home with child I think, when child is 3-year-old mother can get him to kindergarten and go to work
-    in same families where are 3 children or more, where isn’t father or when father has low wage, mother must go to work
-    when mother can go to work like men or fathers, it’s better, family have more money by month, but it can’t be at the expense of (= na úkor) family
•    adults know what is best for children
-    who is adult?
-    by law you are adult in 18 years but you are not prepare for children
-    by biology you are prepare for children between 20 and 30 years
-    today is typical have children between 35 and 40 years or haven’t children
-    people are prepare when they have flat or house, funding (= fin. zajištění) and love
-    when are people prepare for children, they have a time for them and they know what the best for them
•    qualities of partner
-    my partner is Ondra for 3 years
-    it isn’t original I know but he is clever, frank, nice, sportsman, no drink, no smoke, he wants children, he understand me, he hear me when I have a problem and help me, he can set me laughing
-    he is a little bit shy but now it is better
-    he learn me relaxed and don’t learn 24 hours
-    I learn him to learn and to be not so shy
3) Friends
•    friend is person who is frank, talkative, I can talk him everything and he says it nobody, he can set me laughing, he help me, go with me everywhere
•    friend is very important for all people on the world
-    if you are child you need friend for playing a games
-    if you are older you need friend for talk about problems
-    if you are adult you need friend because you are all time with family or with your boyfriend, you need talk about girls problem (make up, nice boys, small babies, ugly collaborator from work)
-    I prefer one best friend before a lot of usual friends
-    one of my best friend is Soňa, I know her 13 years, she is very clever, nice, frank and amusing, she help me and heart me when I have a problem

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