•    is celebrating on the 31 October
•    from Hallowe’en – old Celtic word for Hallows evening

•    Celtic News Year was on the 31 October, Celts (ancestors of Irish, Scottish and Welsh) believed ghosts and witches are free, they walk and mingle with living
•    townspeople baked food all that day for them, in the evening dressed – resemble dead soul
•    but Christianity – 31October isn’t last day in year → celebration for children
•    in 1840s Irish people have gone to USA and it started to celebrate in USA too

•    witches flying on broom, cats, ghosts, goblins, skeletons, spiders

•    children dress costumes like witch, ghosts, skeleton, but supermen, batman too

•    adult go to work and children go to school and at the evening children dress to costumes and adult (parents) stay at home
•    children come from door to door and say: “trick or treat “ – it means give me something or I will make dirty your house (ketchup, eggs) and adult give them sweets
•    people play game bobbing – prepare basket with water and apples, get hands behind back and try to take by mouth apples from water

•    take knife and cut top of pumpkin
•    put over what is inside and seeds too
•    cut out eyes, mouth, nose
•    put top on pumpkin
•    now it isn’t pumpkin but jack-o’-lantern
•    can put inside candle or sweets

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