places Prague

Krizik’s Fountain
•    the biggest sight of Výstaviště, European unique
•    at the end of 19. century František Křižík built Krizik’s Fountain on the occasion of anniversary industrial exhibition (where they exposed electric, modern and industrial news)
•    100 years later (at the end of 20. century) it was rebuilt
•    some numbers:
­    3000 nozzles
­    1250 water lights with a lot of colours
­    2 km pipes
•    computer has control over program,
•    program it means light, water and music
•    it can be only music (music of classical or modern authors) or music and dance together – dance it mean mostly ballet
•    program can watch 6000 people

•    Prague holologe is best-know horologe on the world
•    it’s on south wall of Old-Town Town Hall (staroměstká radnice)
•    build in 1410
•    there are 3 parts:
1.    astronomical part
2.    calendar
3.    figures

1.    astronomical part
­    there is location sun and month, moon period (growing, full moon, leaving)
­    clock face show old czech time too
­    zodiac – star sky, zodiac turns around one of day
2.    calendar
­    at the end of 19. century – there is new calendar – author is Mánes
­    there are pictures of all 12 month, on picture there are work in village
­    it’s around calendar, not hand
3.    figures
­    every hour in 2 windows appear 12 apostles – sv. Petr, Matěj, Jan , Ondřej (kříž ve tvaru X), Filip, Jakub, sv. Pavel, sv. Tomáš, sv. Šimon, sv. Tadeáš, sv. Bartoloměj a sv. Barnabáš

Master Hanuš built Horologe and councilmen were afrait he can built it for the other town. At the evening they have come and blinded him. He knew it was their plan and he has gone inside Horologe and he has taken hand inside to machine and stopped it for 100 years.

Vyšehrad’s burial-place
•    at church st. Peter and Paul on Vyšehrad
•    it was built in 13. centuries and in 19. centuries it happened burial-place czech personalities
•    the most famous common crypt – Slavín (there are f.e. Myslbek, Zeyer, Sládek, Vrchliclý, Hynais)
•    composers: f.e. Smetana, Dvořák
•    singer: Destinová
•    writers: Čapek, Neruda, Němcová
•    actor: Burian
•    scientist: Křižík etc.

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